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Event Conferencing

Flawlessly Executed Operator Assisted Events for Every Business.
Flawless Event Delivery

Skilled professionals provide pre, live and post event services.

Advanced Audio Network

Global, secure and reliable with exceptional call quality.

Global Service

Exceptional service and support anywhere in the world.

Event Conferencing

Ensure success of your high profile events with operator assisted audio conferences that are delivered with precision over a secure and reliable global audio network. Make a greater impact by outsourcing event management to an award-winning team of highly-trained professionals.

From quarterly earnings calls and press events to corporate announcements, highly trained professionals coordinate the entire call and provide a superior experience. Prevent unauthorized access with passcode entry or personalised live-operator screening.

Access a wide range of services, including pre-event registration, live event moderators, transcription services and post-event reporting.

Minimise Risk and Enhance Your Corporate Image

When corporate image is a concern, skilled professionals pay attention to every detail and help ensure success. Focus solely on your presentation and make a positive impression on employees, customers, investors and the media.

Host Spectacular Events with Better Outcomes

Maximise the impact of your presentations and generate better results using advanced audio technology and exceptional services. Speaker communication is crystal-clear and your conference is engaging and free of distractions.

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