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Recruitment Platform

Nallawilli has partnered with e-Link to implement a highly innovative and sophisticaed recruitment platform.


e-Link Partnership

Nallawilli Technology is partnering with e-Link, to implement an innovative and highly sophisticated platform which is transforming recruitment processes globally. It provides far greater connectivity and access for Employers and Employees (permanent or contractors) through access to a vast array of specialist recruiters.


The platform is more efficient, effective, timely and cost-reducing than traditional or recent technology solutions.


To join the web-based platform simply requires a brief application process and costs nothing to implement. It is entirely complimentary to all Human Resource Departments and organisational processes. The benefits and value can be achieved readily without risk – but we believe it will drive change and enormous efficiencies for any organisation when adopted. The platform will improve internal resource management processes as well as enhancing the quality of identified external candidates. We believe that the reach and access available is unsurpassed. 


E-Link is an evolving global provider with an impressive client base that has developed a platform based on cutting edge, award-winning AI technology and social media analytics. This has now been optimised even further with Nallawilli for the Australian market.

Operating in 16 countries

Utilising 800+ Specialist Recruitment Agencies

With 4,000+ Specialist Recruiters

Access to 130,000+ Pre-vetted Contractors

currently used by 120+ clients


… And growing exponentially


Flexible Plans

Enterprise, per user and per minute pricing.

More Connection Options

Dial-in, dial-out, toll-free & international.

Customized Meeting Invites

Company logo, key dial-in numbers and passcodes automatically populate on invite.

Easy Setup

Microsoft Outlook plug-in installed in toolbar for quick access.

Make it easier to meet

GlobalMeet Audio provides flexibility to connect with internal and external participants using VoIP, dial- in, dial-out and toll-free options. Gain greater geographical coverage with over 160 access numbers that span across 60+ countries.

Enterprise Audio Network

Gain reliability and security using an advanced audio network that delivers more than 60 million meetings a year.

Maximize your O365/S4B

GlobalMeet Audio allows you to fully support global meeting collaboration using Skype for Business. Integration is simple and the audio service is controlled through the Skype interface. A variety of plans are available, including per minute rates and monthly subscriptions.

Better meetings accross teams

CustomInvite is ideal for organizations with dispersed workforces, mobile workers, traveling executives and businesses wishing to establish a more collaborative working environment. Save time, boost productivity and make it easier to meet.

Easy integration

CustomInvite is compatible with all Microsoft Skype for Business and Lync 2013 users. Additionally, the plug-in is compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10 and Microsoft Office 2010, 2013 and 2016.


CustomInvite allows you to:

  • Include brand, web links and custom text in every external invitation
  • Simplify the number selection and presentation of conference information, with ‘one click’ joining for mobile user.
  • Personalize with language and number preferences

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